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As one of the world’s leading experts on gambling laws, Professor I. Nelson Rose is often called upon to testify as an expert witness or act as a consultant for individuals, governments and industry on issues related to legal gambling.

His clients include: the Arizona Department of Gaming, Delaware State Lottery, District of Columbia Lottery, Florida State Senate, Illinois Gaming Board, Michigan State Lottery, Lotto Québec; Nevada and Atlantic City casinos; California gaming clubs; international corporations; Indian tribes; race tracks; Internet operators; players and major law firms.

Prof. Rose has testified as an expert witness in civil and criminal trials, national and international arbitrations, and legislative and administrative hearings.  These include the U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee, U.S.-China Commission, U.S. National Gambling Impact Study Commission, National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences; on behalf of the Federal Government of Mexico in the first NAFTA tribunal on gaming; on behalf of the Government of Laos in an arbitration in London, England; before a joint session of the California Legislature, a joint session of the New Mexico Legislature, Oregon Governor’s Task Force on Gaming, Hawaii House of Representative’s Finance Committee; on behalf of the Texas Comptroller and New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement.  He advised the Federal governments of Canada and the United States on legal gambling.  Prof. Rose has testified in New Jersey, California, Florida, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Québec, Australia, New Zealand and other jurisdictions.   He testified as an expert in cases involving casino gaming; lotteries, including keno and the New York and California State Lotteries; bingo, including mechanical devices in Texas and California; Indian gaming; skill versus chance; the meaning of gambling terms and the legality of proposed games.

Prof Rose has been cited in numerous published court decisions.  In Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Int’l. Union v. Davis, 21 Cal.4th 585 (1999), the California Supreme Court quoted his book, Gambling and the Law, at length.  And the North Dakota Supreme Court adopted his position on what is a slot machine in Midwestern Enterprises, Inc. v. Wayne K. Stenehjem, North Dakota Attorney General, 2001 ND 67 (2001).

In 1991 the United States government recognized that the phrase “Gambling and the Law®” has become associated with the works of Professor I. Nelson Rose and granted him a federally registered trademark, Number 1653625, “For: syndicated and featured articles appearing in a variety of magazines and newspapers; and books, on the topic of gambling.”

Gambling and the Law® columns are internationally syndicated.  More than 1,000 columns have been published from 1983 to the present covering all aspects of legal gambling.  The column appears in the following magazines, online and in hard copy: