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The Supreme Court Changes Everything

Late last year, I wrote a blog about the then pending sports betting case, entitled, “The Most Important Case of the Century.” It turned out to be even bigger than that In the coming days and weeks, I will be discussing in detail what this major change in the law...

States Grandfathered-in Under PASPA

©Copyright January 9, 2018. All rights reserved worldwide. GAMBLING AND THE LAW® is a registered trademark of Prof. I. Nelson Rose, The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) freezes sports betting into whatever form it...

New Facebook Page & Twitter Account

Please follow, friend and like my new Gambling And The Law Facebook page: Https:// ; and my new Twitter account: Gambling_And_The_Law @LawOfGambling (Https:// NOTE -- I will no longer be posting anything...

The Most Important Case of this Century

BLOG Gambling and the Law®                                                                        ©November 13, 2017 In December, the U.S. Supreme Court will hold its hearing. It will release its decision by next June. The ruling could be one...

Will the Supreme Court Give Gambling Back to the States?

Gambling has always been a state issue. In fact, until recently, the federal government could not overrule states’ decisions on moral issues, like whether gambling or marijuana should be made legal. The U.S. Supreme Court will probably use the New Jersey sports betting case to reset the balance in favor of states’ rights.

Supreme Court Will Hear NJ Sports Betting Case

BLOG  Gambling and the Law®     ©June 28 , 2017 Supreme Court Will Hear NJ Sports Betting Case  The Supreme Court hears less than 0.001% of decisions from the federal circuit courts of appeal. So, why the New Jersey sports betting case? The...

The Coming Crash of the eSports Skins Market

Die-hard fans believe that skins really are worth the market price. Of course they are, at that moment. And they will continue to be worth what they paid for them, until the market crashes, as it inevitably must – because neither the items nor their apparent scarcity are real.

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