Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle | Sports Gambling in California

written by I. Nelson Rose

I was recently featured in a San Francisco Chronicle article titled “Sports gambling in California is illegal. Super Bowl bets will soar, anyway.” This piece delves into the intriguing scenario surrounding sports betting in California, especially in light of the Super Bowl festivities in Las Vegas, juxtaposed against California’s prohibition on sports gambling.

The article outlines the complex landscape following the rejection of Propositions 26 and 27 in 2022, which sought to legalize sports betting in California. It highlights the burgeoning advertisements for sports betting apps like DraftKings and FanDuel, even as Californians find themselves unable to legally participate in these betting platforms. The narrative underscores the NFL’s embrace of gambling amidst this legal backdrop, and the peculiar position of Californian sports fans who, despite the legal constraints, continue to engage in sports betting through unregulated means.

As a gambling law scholar, my commentary in the article sheds light on the historical context of sports betting and its inevitable intertwining with sports broadcasting and fan engagement. I discuss the ramifications of the current legal stance on sports betting in California, emphasizing the paradox of widespread advertising and the reality of unregulated betting risks.

The piece also explores the potential economic impacts of legalizing sports betting in California, citing estimates and expert opinions on the matter. It discusses the legal implications, the risks associated with unregulated betting, and the broader societal and economic considerations of sports gambling.

For further insights and my detailed analysis, read the full article on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

Read the full article on the San Francisco Chronicle

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