Gaming Law in a Nutshell

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August 29, 2012

Gaming Law in a Nutshell recently published by West Publishing.  Written by Professors I. Nelson Rose and Walter T. Champion, Jr., the book discusses all aspects of gambling law, and on all levels: local, tribal, state, national, and international.  It covers all forms of wagering, legal and illegal, including casino games and slot machines, lotteries, poker, bingo, sports betting, racing, and Internet gaming.  It has separate discussions of many jurisdictions, including Nevada, New Jersey, Macau, Canada, and other countries; Indian and charity gaming; taxes; intellectual property; compulsive gambling; and the most popular forms of gambling.

The publication of a Nutshell marks a significant milestone for Gaming Law.  As Prof. Champion put it in his Preface: “To me, the Nutshell is ‘graduation day.’  It shows that a particular field has the gravitas to merit a victory lap.”  Authors of Nutshells are always the leading experts in the field.  And as Prof. Rose noted, he purposely designed it to be a mini-treatise, to explain the law in a way that would be understandable to anyone new to the subject, or who only knows one part of the field.  “It should prove useful for anyone interested in the fast growing and fast changing area of Gaming Law.”

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